Saturday, 2 August 2008

just got back from the west of france, with my parents and sister, i had a nice time the weather was awsome most of the tm and i have a respectable tan, but the only problem was that there wasnt much of a night life there and the camp site we stayed at didnt have any english people my age, i had to put up with my sister for 2 weeks and her moody strops! and i spent a lot of money on credit, which helped me stay sane!lol the site was in fact on one of the most beautiful spots i have been to in france yet, its right next to a giant sand dune which towers over the sites down the beach, the tallest part must have been at least 50ft high. i tried to do a bit of sand dune boarding but an old skateboard deck didnt work, so i eventually gave up after filling my pockets and shoes with sand! it was quite remote and a gd place to chill out if you wanted to get away from your parents. around the corner there was a beach aparently reknown for its surf and there are competitions set up there, went to have a look, and decided that id have a day of surfing, get the old joints movin!i seemed to pick it up pretty quick but the waves were very small. i guess that was a good thing so i could pick it back up again, because the 2nd time i went it was a different kettle of fish!the waves were about double the size and alot more frequent, at first the surf was amazing and was nice to surf, but as the tide came in the rip currents under the water, which were all going in different directions soon made it impossible for any learner to be able to get past the smallest first waves, the current would simply shove you al the way down the beach to where you couldnt stand up!i got very frustrated with that, i did though pick up a very good wave that took me the whole length to the beach, i did a couple of fun things on it like walking up to the end of the board and standing in the middle of it with both feet, ive decided, after meeting some austrian men at a restaurant, that i want to get a couple of mates together and travel to cornwall or something and go on a surfing trip.i think that would be very fun but i think that would probably have to be with some people who arent in uni, or in a couple of years. any ways im actually happy to be back, to sleep in a comfortable bed and be able to stay up til what ever time i like, having a door between my sister and i.also i ahve a load of mates here now that i can meet up with and escape the horrors of my parents 24/7!got Reading festival to look forward to now, im just anxious to get holda my tickets now!!pictures may be posted on here, depends if i can be arsed!lol there are some amazing photos of the sun set over the beach where we were living!

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